Here are some photos of our Waterford Consulting installation.

Our Services

Sumner Furniture is a full-service office furniture supplier, providing new, previously-owned and refurbished furniture at competitive rates. As a small business, we understand the unique demands and needs of our fellow start-ups and lean companies. Our goal is outfitting your office from furniture selection to installation up to the highest possible standard while staying within your budget.

Sumner represents many office furniture designers with products have a comparable number of features and finishes as the leading manufacturers. We are proud to offer our clients the best value with high-quality, long-lasting, furniture at the fraction of the price of our competitors. Here are some examples:

Attached Work Stations

With our competitors, this type of solution will cost $17,400 – $18,500 without chairs plus $800+ for each chair. With Sumner, a similar table and chairs will cost $3,800 – $4,200 without chairs.


On average, name brand used furniture costs one quarter to one third of new furniture. Our pre-owned inventory is constantly changing, and if we don't have what you need already in our pre-owned stock, we will track it down from one of many suppliers. For high end chairs solutions, many chairs Sumner offers are 10 year new chairs at great quality, but we also have the ability to match a used chair in excellent condition at 1/4 the cost of new. Sumner can always substitute previously-owned solutions to save money, when a new option may not be necessary.

Pod Systems

With our competitors, each station will cost $2,900 – $5,000. At Sumner, we can deliver Pod workstations with power for $900 – $1,500 per station, depending on features.


Whether you want stock items straight out of the catalog or are looking to have a custom designed piece created, we can help you and deliver under budget. To see a sampling of the manufacturers we work with, click here.

Modern Office Suites with Storage

Our competitors provide this solution at a starting price of $3,000. With Sumner, you can purchase a modern height-adjustable workstation with storage for $2,759 or a basic solution as offered by our competitors at $1,709.


The above comparisons are just a small example of the furniture and systems we offer to help create your ideal space.

Sumner employees are knowledgeable in every aspect of their furniture from the electrical, to the components, to the space needed, to the dimensions, to the necessary features. We can answer all your questions directly and honestly.