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Sumner Furniture

What’s in a Name?

About Us

Sumner is a family name, and represents how we treat out clients: like family.

For as long as I can remember my mom has told me stories about my grandfather, Sumner. With two young children and his wife to take care of, he decided that going into business for himself was the best option for his family.

In the early 1950’s Sumner and his brother opened their first store, Sands 5 & 10, in Boston. The store was a great success and they were able to expand into multiple locations throughout the Boston area. It was a true family business, where everyone pitched in and took pride in serving their customers.

Like my grandfather before me, I found myself blessed with a wife and growing family. I saw the need to make a major career shift in order to provide for everyone. Both my wife and I are hard workers, and in 2013 I decided to leave the venture capital arena and work for a local start-up. My wife was 4 months pregnant when my employer gave me the news that he could no longer afford to pay my salary. I was let go, and we were, in a word, terrified.

Determined to take care of my family, I decided to follow in my grandfather’s footsteps and open my own business, and Sumner Furniture was born. We slowly but surely became one of the top new and used office furniture stores in the Virginia area. While my background in finance and experience in the working field helped to a large extent, the key to our success came from somewhere much closer to home.

"The key to success is home."

All the values instilled through generations of my family: respect, determination, compassion, and unity. I fully believe the key to our success is our consultative approach. Sumner Furniture gets to know and understand the needs of our clients before offering them a solution, then maximizes their budget to get the most used furniture for them. We don’t see customers first – we see family. We see go-getters trying to provide for themselves, their employees, and their loved ones. Our business treats them with the respect they deserve and nothing less.

No matter how big Sumner Furniture grows, it will always be a family business. We will always strive to make our clients know how sincerely we appreciate them.

That’s the Sumner way, after all.

– Jeff Thorner, Chairman and CEO of Sumner Furniture

Team Sumner

- Jeff Thorner - Chairman & CEO

Jeff founded Sumner Furniture in 2013 with one goal in mind – to help businesses grow. After years of working in the venture capital industry, he understands that keeping costs low is a key component to growth regardless of a company’s financial reserves. High-quality, ergonomically functional furniture enables the most valuable asset of every company – its people – to work more efficiently with increased productivity.

For questions regarding your office expansion or move, contact Jeff:

- Anna Thorner - President

Anna is the President of Sumner Furniture. She has a varied background including working and living in Asia, Europe, Hawaii and the extremely glamorous state of Iowa (nothing but love!). In her role at Sumner she wears many hats including assisting with billing questions, HR, marketing and website matters.

To contact Anna, you may email:

- Tad Burns - Managing Director

Tad is our resident historian and Italian translator. Having lived in Europe for the bulk of his roaring 20’s, Tad sold Romeing Tours in 2013 and returned state-side. His extensive experience as a business owner gives him a valuable understanding of Sumner Furniture’s clients needs. With an eye towards style, functionality and cost-saving efficiency Tad’s consultative approach truly sets him apart from our competitors.

For questions regarding new/pre-owned or liquidations, contact Tad:

- Leslie Lofgren - Interior Designer

Leslie is by far the most stylish and fashion-forward of the Sumner team. Leslie studied at the world renowned Istituto Europeo di Design in Rome, Italy and has been featured in the Washington Post on multiple occasions. Trained in CAD, Leslie provides clients with professional quality floor plans.

Contact Leslie: