Legal Discovery

  • 1. Private Offices
  • 2. Workstations
  • 3. Cafe
  • Name: Casepoint

  • Address:

  • Industry: eDiscovery Platform for Legal Professionals

  • Key Manufacturers: Logiflex

  • Architects:

  • Goal:

  • Project Size: 7,000 Sq. Feet

  • Challenges: Fitting 28 people in a smaller space than we'd like to, also not wasting corner space

  • Client Feedback: I own a consulting company that needed additional furniture to better appoint our space. We worked with Sumner Furniture to estimate what pieces we needed, the number, and the style that would look good with the space. It was all done with a specific budget in mind, to have the right combination of quality and price. We were able to select just the right types of conference and desk chairs, couches, arm chairs, accent pieces, white boards, even artwork for the walls, to ensure the place looked great. Upon installation, Sumner staff followed up proactively, exchanged a couple of pieces for those that would have a more impactful look in light of the existing decor, and ensured that a few minor issues were addressed without us even having to be there to supervise. I am extremely happy with the products and customer service, and will recommend Sumner to anyone who is ready for outstanding support.


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CREATING A SAFE WORKPLACE requires updating layout configurations, incorporating germ-blocking fixtures and furniture, and support for regular cleaning and disinfecting. We can support you through the entire process.The goal is to keep everyone healthy and ultimately, to save lives!

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