Whiteboard Advisors

  • 1. Conference
  • 2. Lounge
  • 3. Workstations
  • Name: Whiteboard Advisors

  • Address: 11000 Potomac Street NW, Washington, DC

  • Key Manufacturers: Deskmakers, West Elm Workspace, Greg Pilotti Custom Furniture Makers

  • Architects: Focus Architects

  • Project Size: 5,000 Sq. Feet

  • Challenges: Providing design forward products with a very small budget.

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SUMNER FURNITURE AND DESIGN is putting our years of office furniture and design expertise to work to get you back in the office while keeping the germs out.

CREATING A SAFE WORKPLACE requires updating layout configurations, incorporating germ-blocking fixtures and furniture, and support for regular cleaning and disinfecting. We can support you through the entire process.The goal is to keep everyone healthy and ultimately, to save lives!

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