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4 Tips for First Time Users of a Standing Desk

Updated: May 25, 2021

We’d like to address a very hot topic in our industry… You’ve seen the articles.

We’re not sure we buy into the scare completely, but it’s certainly sparked a hot trend, and it’s something we can get behind (snicker snicker): The standing desk.

We talked to some people who love their standing desks, and they had some tips to make your experience a better one. So, we thought we’d share.

4 Tips for First Time Users of a Standing Desk

  1. Get one that’s adjustable –Purchasing a standing desk that also converts into a sitting desk (or a regular desk) provides you with comfort options. Having the ability to switch things up will be best for your body, especially if you have to stand in heels.

  2. Give it time –Our respondents said that you need to try it for at least a week because the first few days can be painful. After about a week, you’ll have gotten used to it and your back should no longer be stiff. You should feel better all-around after that.

  3. Get a mat –Be prepared to face burning soles of your feet until you get used to standing for a long duration. We’re told a mat will ease or eradicate your discomfort.

  4. Make sure you have long cables –This applies to your monitor, keyboard, etc. if you are using a desktop.

All of our respondents said they loved their standing desks because it helps their posture and makes them feel like they have more energy.