• Joe

Inspiration From an Earlier Generation

Updated: Dec 22, 2020

For as long as I can remember my mom has told me stories about my grandfather, Sumner.

He died long before I was born when my mother was still a child.

With two young children and his wife to take care of, he decided after years of struggling, that it was time to go into business for himself. In the early 1950s, Sumner and his brother opened their first store, Sands 5 & 10, in Boston. The store was a great success and they were able to expand into multiple locations throughout the Boston area. It was a true family business, where everyone pitched in and took pride in serving their customers.

Like my grandfather before me, I found myself with a wife and growing family and saw the need to make a major career shift in order to provide for us. In 2013 I left the venture capital arena and went to work for a local start-up. When my wife was 4 months pregnant my employer gave me the news that he could no longer afford to pay my salary and he was letting me go. We were, in a word, terrified. My wife works but we needed my salary to make ends meet and could not afford to go without a steady paycheck even for a month.

Determined to take care of my family, I decided to open my own business. With my background in finance and my experience working for the man who could no longer afford to pay me, I was confident I would be successful. From day one, Sumner Furniture has been off and running.

I truly believe that the key to our success is our consultative approach, getting to know and understand the needs of our clients before offering them a solution, then maximizing their budget to get the most for them.

No matter how big Sumner Furniture grows, it will always be a family business and we will always strive to make our clients know how sincerely we appreciate them.