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Office Lighting: Understanding the Best Options for Your Office

Updated: May 25, 2021

A short guide to interior office lighting

Lighting can drastically affect an office space as well as its employees, for better or for worse. It’s important to understand the ins and outs of interior office lighting; there are more aspects to consider than you might think, including light source options, bulbs, and even wall colors. Luckily, Sumner Furniture is here to shed a little light on the subject of… well, light.

Natural Lighting

Sunlight, fireplaces, candles – these are all examples of natural lighting. Natural light is generally better for us, as it promotes our health, motivation, and a more positive outlook on life. If your workspace has large windows, use this to your advantage! Open the blinds for a portion of the day, and you’ll notice a positive influence on you and your employees’ attitudes! Nevertheless, depending solely on sunlight isn’t all that practical. While natural lighting is beneficial for us in almost every way, it’s also uncontrollable. You can’t rely on sunlight if your business operates past 5:00 pm during the winter – you’d be working in the pitch black!

Artificial Lighting

Nowadays artificial light is just as necessary as natural light. It allows us to function efficiently throughout the day. Incandescent bulbs emit a comfortable golden light and known to bring out the warmth in a color, while fluorescent bulbs emit a cool light that compliments green and blue walls. and is best used as ambient (general) lighting in your office. Fluorescent bulbs are the most common lighting option for offices for their energy efficiency and long lifetime. If you want to make your office a little more welcoming though, you can set up either a desk light or standing lamp with incandescent lighting for a personal glow.

If your office is considering some lighting changes, Sumner Furniture can offer advice and office lighting guidance to help create the most effective and optimal workspace for you and your employees! We can plan out your office interior design, find you the highest quality furniture for your budget, and make sure you’re 110% satisfied with your new office layout! If you don’t know what you’re quite looking for, no problem! From concept to completion, we offer office solutions custom-tailored to your liking. Contact us today for a free office estimate!