Via Seating has developed a unique copper-infused mesh by partnering with Cupron, utilizing its copper-based proprietary and patented technology.

The copper mesh works by physically embedding an EPA registered copper into the fibers of our Via Seating copper mesh. Through this process, the copper will not wear off like topically applied alternatives.

The result is a self-sanitizing, copper-infused mesh that has strong biocidal, antifungal, and antiviral properties. There are additional anti-odor properties to the copper mesh as well. Treat yourself to peace of mind with this VIA copper mesh task chair.

This option is Standard size A with adjustable arms, carpet casters, and swivel tilt. Black copper, black vinyl, black base, arms, and casters make this chair the perfect combination of style, comfort, and protection from germs!

VIA Genie Copper Mesh Task Chair

SKU: 401-B-25C-38A6-18BB-16HP-11G-GR A
$880.00 Regular Price
$741.00Sale Price