Jeff Thorner
Founder & CEO
Summer Furniture

We believe in service & value first. Our selection of top quality new & pre-owned furniture will satisfy any style and budget. We have designed everything from entire office buildings to home offices, and we look forward to helping you design the perfect work space.

Stop by and see our pre-owned & new furniture showroom today. We also offer a wide selection of sit/stand desk options.

I truly believe that the key to our success is our consultative approach, getting to know and understand the needs of our clients before offering them a solution, then maximizing their budget to get the most for them.

No matter how big Sumner Furniture grows, it will always be a family business and we will always strive to make our clients know how sincerely we appreciate them.


Jeff Thorner

Founder & CEO

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Who We Are

Return to work safer and sooner!

SUMNER FURNITURE AND DESIGN is putting our years of office furniture and design expertise to work to get you back in the office while keeping the germs out.

CREATING A SAFE WORKPLACE requires updating layout configurations, incorporating germ-blocking fixtures and furniture, and support for regular cleaning and disinfecting. We can support you through the entire process.The goal is to keep everyone healthy and ultimately, to save lives!

CALL 703-348-5687 to speak with our team