3 Easy Steps to Turn Your Office into an Office Home!

How to Create Your Office Home

For most of us, the office is a second home. Your house is decorated in a comfortable fashion to represent you, so do the same in your office! Ditch the uncomfortable, traditional furniture and make your workspace feel a little more like an office home accordingly.

Find a Theme

When rearranging your office into an office home, start by finding a theme. You know you want the office to feel cozy and personal, so draw inspiration from either your favorite room in your house, your favorite season, or your favorite place to relax. Before you know it you’ll be writing reports by the beach, or signing forms in an office color-coded to feel like fall!

Replace your Stuff

Consider changing out those large staple items that have the greatest impact on the workspace. Replace your chair with one that better represents your taste! Maybe something with a fun pattern or a loud color? Once that’s figured out, you can go ahead and find an alternative for your desk. Dark wood finishes are not the only color options – if you’re looking to try something more casual, check out some lighter colors. A white desk is a great way to brighten up your office while remaining effective and appropriate.


You’ve replaced your furniture, now put the finishing touches on the room! Opting out of fluorescent lights in your office and trading them for your own lighting can create a more relaxing work environment. You could use something a little more creative for your stationery holder, like a decorative vase or favorite cup. Spreading out a few plants around the office will give any workspace a little more character, as well as refresh the oxygen around the building; when people breathe better, they work better! Just make sure you get the (green) thumbs up from your employer!

There are a ton of different options out there to help you create your office home, and with Sumner Furniture you can find the best solutions to make your office feel less like “The Drone Zone”. We understand the connection between productivity and your place of work, and our clients would agree! Even if you’re unaware of the theme or style you’d like to pursue with your office, we can assist in figuring out what makes you feel at ease in your workplace. In addition to all this, we’ll make sure our business with you isn’t finished until you’re completely satisfied. With our supply of comfortable and inexpensive office furniture, Sumner Furniture will make you feel right at home!