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Sumner Furniture and Design is the DMV’s one-stop shop for all office furniture needs! Located in Sterling, Virginia, our professional furniture company supplies, relocates, stores and installs both new and used office furniture. We work with companies and government agencies in Baltimore, Washington DC

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By blending new and pre-owned pieces, we’ll work with your budget to create a fully stylized look without compromising aesthetics or expectations! If you’re looking for a temporary redesign, we proudly offer furniture rentals to fit your workspace for a fraction of the cost.

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We will deliver furniture straight to you, and we’ll do the installation as well. Looking to relocate? Our team of professionals has you covered! Our furniture relocation & storage services ensure proper transportation and security as you make your move.

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One of the newest trends in popular office furniture is the standing conference table! It is a tall desk that can be easily adjusted to suit the party’s height, which improves health and focus during any meeting. No more will employees feel the urge to start snoring in the middle of a presentation. No more closing their eyes for “just a second” during an after-lunch business conference. That could result in a very stern talking from their superiors later on.

So how does it help?

Standing for a portion of the workday keeps you awake, active, and reduces the risk of various health concerns. Standing meetings also allow your employees more time in the day to complete their tasks at hand. Research has shown that meetings conducted when employees are standing are 34% shorter than the average business meeting! There are a few possible reasons why these meetings feel more productive. Standing helps release endorphins and provides energy, so people develop a shared sense of purpose to get things accomplished. It also makes it more difficult to check your...

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Burnout is endemic in the modern workplace. Workers are reporting burnout by the thousands, and it’s starting to take a toll on businesses across the country. Aside from the usual factors associated with burnout (low pay, high stress, demanding work that cuts into personal time), there’s another hidden factor at play: office furniture and design.

Yes, the proper atmosphere is a major contributing factor to employee retention and burnout. The experts and Sumner Furniture in Virginia have worked with thousands of businesses to set up an encouraging, positive office design. Here’s what we’ve learned.

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Organizing and designing an office space is no easy task. You want to create an environment where your employees feel comfortable and efficiently do their job. This is incredibly crucial when it comes to start-ups — you want to make a good impression on both your staff and your customers. But, there is far more to office design than just buying new chairs or desks for your workplace.

Learn more below about how you can effectively design your workplace and not break the bank while doing so. If you are in need of new furniture, are moving buildings, or if you just want some advice regarding how to build a productive office space, contact the experienced, reliable team at Sumner Furniture & Design now!


First impressions are the most important thing when it comes to building any professional relationship. For businesses, a client’s first impression can be made before they even meet you – through the look of your lobby and lobby furniture. With the proper lobby furniture, your entrance to your business can become the best lounge area and first impression sure to make your clients stay interested and keep your employees wanting to come back every day.

What You Need

You may have the friendliest, most welcoming receptionist around, but if they are the best thing about walking into an office, you may lose business fast. So how do you go about getting a lobby area that is just as friendly and welcoming as your receptionist?

  1. Make your lobby area feel like a luxurious lounge fully equipped with comfortable chairs, couches, and tables for magazines and personal items.

  2. The colors of the lobby should be neutral and inviting; contemporary yet simplistic is the new welcoming feel, according to expert designers.

  3. Decorate...


In recent years, the concept of “well-being” has become a hot topic, but what exactly is well-being? Topics like yoga and meditation certainly come to mind, but there’s much more to it. Well-being is defined as, “The state of being comfortable, healthy, or happy”. So while participating in things like yoga and meditation can help, there are some practices your business can conduct in the workplace to increase office well-being, and remember – a happy employee is a productive one!

To bring the concept of well-being into the workplace, one great way to start is through the ambiance of your office space. This includes office lighting, layout, variety, and color. Studies have shown that strong lighting options push work productivity up by 23% while being exposed to natural light increases productivity by 18%. Bringing the outdoors into the office also boosts positivity. Natural wood desks create a natural atmosphere – even potted plants help by refreshing the oxygen! When it comes to the color of your workspace, certain colors can promote certain qualities – yellows promote...