Lobby Furniture: Choose The Best For Your Company

First impressions are the most important thing when it comes to building any professional relationship. For businesses, a client’s first impression can be made before they even meet you – through the look of your lobby and lobby furniture. With the proper lobby furniture, your entrance to your business can become the best lounge area and first impression sure to make your clients stay interested and keep your employees wanting to come back every day.

What You Need

You may have the friendliest, most welcoming receptionist around, but if they are the best thing about walking into an office, you may lose business fast. So how do you go about getting a lobby area that is just as friendly and welcoming as your receptionist?

  1. Make your lobby area feel like a luxurious lounge fully equipped with comfortable chairs, couches, and tables for magazines and personal items.

  2. The colors of the lobby should be neutral and inviting; contemporary yet simplistic is the new welcoming feel, according to expert designers.

  3. Decorate the area with framed photos of fun images and quotes without overdoing it. By adding too many quotes and photos to the wall, it may look like you just went to the store and took whichever stock photos you liked best! Be classy with your choices and make sure they can be incorporated with the company in some way, even if it’s subtle.

  4. Allow the lighting of the lounge to be bright and welcoming. Don’t rely simply on the overhead structures of the building, incorporate lamps and colorful shades to bring more life into the room.


Since the receptionist is the first person a client or employee comes in contact with when visiting your business, they have to be prepared for any and every question that comes their way. A receptionist’s desk should be fully equipped with a computer, phone, and plenty of cabinet space to be able to schedule appointments, relay messages throughout the office, and be able to store plenty of important documents. Receptionist desks can range from being extremely simple to a masterpiece of their own design.


The chairs and couches used for lobby furniture are not meant to be sat on for a long period of time very often. With this in mind, you don’t have to completely break the bank on luxury couches. Simple leather or padded chairs and couches function perfectly for comfort and stability.

No matter what kind of receptionist desk, lounge seating, or wall décor you choose to use in your lobby area, Sumner Furniture has the resources to provide the highest quality lobby furniture so you make the best first impression for your clients and employees.