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Current interior design trends are all about eclectic designs and pieces. If you want your space to stand out, look no further than our collection of unique finds! Following the completion of our furniture liquidations and relocations, our team salvages all kinds of items such as electronics, computers, and retro furniture. We put all of these random finds on display in our showroom for customers to come and see. We can help source original furnishings while also finding trinkets that complete the space to speak to the personality of your space.

Due to our many connections with different manufacturers and locations, Sumner Furniture and Design is able to import furniture to our Sterling location, and then deliver directly to you. We are networked around the entire country! If you’re seeking an original design, we can do custom furniture tailored to your exact vision and ideas. Jeff and his talented team is always ready to help our customers.

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Read a few testimonials from a satisfied clients, one of whom redesigned their entire space with Sumner Furniture and Design, from furniture to decor:

“I own a consulting company that needed additional furniture to better appoint our space. We worked with Sumner Furniture to estimate what pieces we needed, the number, and the style that would look good with the space. It was all done with a specific budget in mind, to have the right combination of quality and price. We were able to select just the right types of conference and desk chairs, couches, arm chairs, accent pieces, white boards, even artwork for the walls, to ensure the place looked great. I am extremely happy with the products and customer service, and will recommend Sumner to anyone who is ready for outstanding support.”

– Olessia Smotrova, President/CEO, OST Global Solutions, Inc.

“Sumner Furniture is the only furniture supplier we will do business with! They’ve met all of our needs no matter how obscure in a timely and professional fashion.”

Will Hymes, Semper Fortis Solutions