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Renovate your educational space with Sumner Furniture and Design we can accomplish the right interior design and installation for an engaging learning environment. Based in Sterling, Virginia, we supply, design, and install new and pre owned furniture for educational spaces such as schools, colleges, universities, and other educational facilities. Our multipurpose furniture has the durability and functionality necessary to last throughout the school year as well as the ability to evolve with trends and technological advancements. We offer a range of desks, chairs, meeting tables, and other furniture for learning spaces. As with all our offerings, there is a vast assortment of sizes, styles, and designs. Moreover, our personalized design plans will cater to the feel of your space and meet the needs of students, educators, and staff.

We seek to offer a creative, customized design for your educational space that evokes a welcoming and interactive atmosphere for all students. We’ll ensure your learning space is cohesive with the building’s design as well as easy to navigate. Our leading manufacturers and designers will pay attention to adaptability to guarantee flexibility for your space. The Sumner experts also test every piece of furniture to make sure it meets top standards. Whatever you’re looking for, we’ll work with you to understand your needs and make your vision come to life.

Our specialists have the experience to understand and design your space, with the knowledge to create the best possible atmosphere for teachers and students alike. We take pride in preparing educational spaces for quality learning and teaching. We know how to make a classroom, lecture hall, or educational environment function at its maximum potential. Look at our gallery of past completed projects and read our incredible reviews to see why Sumner is the best choice for all of your refurbishment and redecoration needs. Contact us today or stop by our in-person showroom in Sterling, Virginia.

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