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Affordable and Effective Office Design and Furniture for Start-Ups

Organizing and designing an office space is no easy task. You want to create an environment where your employees feel comfortable and efficiently do their job. This is incredibly crucial when it comes to start-ups — you want to make a good impression on both your staff and your customers. But, there is far more to office design than just buying new chairs or desks for your workplace.

Learn more below about how you can effectively design your workplace and not break the bank while doing so. If you are in need of new furniture, are moving buildings, or if you just want some advice regarding how to build a productive office space, contact the experienced, reliable team at Sumner Furniture & Design now!

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Common Spaces

Common spaces like conference rooms, break rooms, and kitchens allow your workers to interact with each other during their downtime. Incorporating community spots like these in the layout of your start-up’s custom office space is a great way to encourage friendships and team building. Some businesses, if they have the space and available funds, invest in gyms where co-workers can mingle and exercise together during their breaks.

Another added benefit of common spaces in the workplace is that it gives your team a place to go if they need to step away from their workstation to clear their head. When you are sitting at a desk all day, getting the chance to engage in casual social interactions with fellow employees can help reset workers’ brains and increase their productivity when they return to their desks.

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Desks, Chairs, and Couches

If you are working in a traditional office, your employees are likely glued to their desks for most of their day. This is why it is important to consider their comfort. Desks are available that allow you to easily adjust their height — some even allow staff members to stand instead of sit while they are working.

Chairs are also something that you should think about when designing your start-up’s office space. The wrong chair can cause back problems, discomfort, and generally bring the attitudes of your employees down. If your workers are comfortable, they are likely to be more productive.

Another thing to think about when it comes to your office furniture is the inclusion of couches, especially in common spaces. Sometimes, employees need to take a seat and clear their heads somewhere that isn’t their desk. Couches offer them the opportunity for a bit of leisure during their workday.

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Establishing Your Office Culture

There is a lot to be said about the way that the design of any given workplace can promote a company’s culture. Your employees might not even realize it, but the psychological effects of the layout of your office go a long way in impacting the tone of the space and the moods of your staff.

Many modern start-ups have begun to place a heavy emphasis on community — they want their employees to feel like they are part of a team. This can be accomplished with an open floor plan where everyone can see and interact with their co-workers throughout the day instead of isolating people with cubicles and other barriers.

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Light and Color

The way that you light your workplace and the colors that you use around the office have an impact on your workers’ productivity. Adding light to spaces boost employees’ happiness by providing them with vitamin D even though they are working indoors all day. This has also proven to boost mental health amongst staff members in a variety of industries.

Additionally, more lighting has the benefit of increasing workplace safety since everyone can see the space clearly. Color is another major factor when it comes to the tone of your start-up space. Brighter and more vibrant colors encourage positive feelings in comparison to the dreary browns and grays that are commonly associated with traditional offices.

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Encourage Expression

There is one way to boost morale and productivity in your workplace without spending a dime. Encouraging employees to display art and other personal items at their stations or around the office can help them feel more comfortable in their environment. This also gives your start-up’s space more character and sets it apart from other offices.

Allowing your team to utilize available space to display objects and works of art that are meaningful to them makes for an all-around happier place to work. Let your employees be involved in your custom office design — they will surely appreciate it!

You don’t have to spend ludicrous amounts of money to establish an office that is comfortable for your staff while also encouraging productivity. The arrangement of desks, used furniture, and common spaces are all easy and inexpensive ways to benefit the relationship between your team members. If you are in need of assistance with the furniture and office design for your start-up’s workspace, get advice and products from the crew at Sumner Furniture & Design. Reach out today!

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