Snowsound is the go-to choice for those looking for the most comfortable acoustic experience. Snowsound's intelligently designed and engineered products offer the perfect combination of function and aesthetics, making them the ideal solution for architects, designers, and project owners.

Snowsound products are not only aesthetically pleasing but also engineered to deliver the highest quality acoustic comfort. Experience the superior acoustic environment that only Snowsound can provide.

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Businesses today are embracing the idea of creating a more aesthetically pleasing and productive work environment. With the changing times, office design trends and furniture styles are also evolving. Business owners now have plenty of options to choose from when it comes to selecting the right design and furniture for their businesses. In this blog post from our team at Sumner Furniture & Design, we will explore the hottest office design and furniture trends for 2023. Be sure to check out our selection of affordable and luxurious second-hand office furniture in our...

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When it comes to hosting client meetings and creating a great first impression, it’s important to carefully consider the design and atmosphere of the space. Finding the right balance of luxury and affordable office furniture can be a challenge, but with the help of Sumner Furniture & Design, the best furniture store in the Washington metro area, it can be done.


Muffle is the perfect solution for creating distinct and aesthetically pleasing spaces within an office environment. With its modular system of panels, sofas, desks, and shelves, it can easily transform open spaces into cozy private areas for both individuals and groups. The sound-dampening panels also double as visual screens, providing a distraction-free environment to facilitate both solo and collaborative activity. Designers have the flexibility to create several different configurations that reflect their aesthetic vision, all with one cohesive look.

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As hybrid work becomes the new norm, creating effective office spaces in the workplace for those workers to use is essential.

At Sumner Furniture & Design in the DMV, if there's one thing we know, it's office furniture. We have designed and sold office furniture for decades, giving us the expertise to guide you in creating an effective office space for hybrid workers. Learn more about how to create multipurpose, multifunctional workspaces and contact our office furniture store today to get a quote!

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Creating a more productive and creative office environment is essential for any modern business. Sumner Furniture & Design in DMV offers an extensive selection of new and used office furniture to help you create the perfect workspace. Improve the creativity of any office space with everything from office tables, office desks and chairs, and other office furniture from Sumner Furniture & Design in the DMV. Get a quote today!


As technology advances and the workforce changes, so, too, must the office design. Modern offices are designed to be more than just a place to sit at a desk and work; they should be comfortable, functional, and promote productivity. Here at Sumner Furniture & Design, we offer the best in modern office furniture supply and design. Our team works diligently to ensure your office space serves the needs of your employees and looks great, too. From office design to the best in used office furniture, we've got your needs covered. Learn about some of the must-have features in modern office design below, and contact us today!

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Burnout is endemic in the modern workplace. Workers are reporting burnout by the thousands, and it’s starting to take a toll on businesses across the country. Aside from the usual factors associated with burnout (low pay, high stress, demanding work that cuts into personal time), there’s another hidden factor at play: office furniture and design.

Yes, the proper atmosphere is a major contributing factor to employee retention and burnout. The experts and Sumner Furniture in Virginia have worked with thousands of businesses to set up an encouraging, positive office design. Here’s what we’ve learned.

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Now more than ever employers are putting care and thought into their company’s workspace and environment. Modern workspaces, built around productivity, accessibility, and comfort, have become a major focus point in attracting and retaining talent. After all, why work somewhere that doesn’t keep a modern, up-to-date workspace?

Worried about your office layout? Scared of losing top talent? It’s time to take a hard look at your workspace, and spruce it up for a clean, modern design. Here’s what the experts at Sumner Furniture & Design in Virginia recommend.


When you are integrating technology into your workplace, you may find yourself facing difficulties that you might not have considered before implementing the use of new tools or systems. While you may have the best intentions when it comes to work efficiency and the ease with which your staff can operate, it is crucial to the success of your business that every member of your team is on board with any changes that are taking place. Learn more about bringing new technology into your workspace from Sumner Furniture & Design below. Contact our team for information about our corporate office design and furnishing services today!

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Organizing and designing an office space is no easy task. You want to create an environment where your employees feel comfortable and efficiently do their job. This is incredibly crucial when it comes to start-ups — you want to make a good impression on both your staff and your customers. But, there is far more to office design than just buying new chairs or desks for your workplace.

Learn more below about how you can effectively design your workplace and not break the bank while doing so. If you are in need of new furniture, are moving buildings, or if you just want some advice regarding how to build a productive office space, contact the experienced, reliable team at...


To Open Office or Not to Open Office – That is the Question

Top Benefits of an Open Office

For business owners, the advantages of open offices are alluring. Getting more out of less space is the main appeal. With less square feet per employee needed and a cheaper build-out, you can keep your costs down.

For employees, the biggest advantages lie in more efficient collaboration. With no walls, there is faster communication and more approachability through the rankings. Open space allows for a better exchange of information among co-workers because it is easier to ask each other questions and receive quick answers in an open environment.

So, who wouldn’t want an office that costs less money and leads to a better work...


First impressions are the most important thing when it comes to building any professional relationship. For businesses, a client’s first impression can be made before they even meet you – through the look of your lobby and lobby furniture. With the proper lobby furniture, your entrance to your business can become the best lounge area and first impression sure to make your clients stay interested and keep your employees wanting to come back every day.

What You Need

You may have the friendliest, most welcoming receptionist around, but if they are the best thing about walking into an office, you may lose business fast. So how do you go about getting a lobby area that is just as friendly and welcoming as your receptionist?

  1. Make your lobby area...


All jobs are different when it comes to the amount of paperwork and storage space needed. Some can be done completely electronically and don’t need a single drawer, while others may require an entire wall cabinet just for their internal paperwork. Storage units range from metal to wicker in terms of what they’re made from, and size from being able to fit under a cubicle desk to taking up an entire wall. Here are some tips to take into consideration when thinking about storage units in accordance with common job positions where the amount of paperwork varies.

Human Resources

This field requires any and all information about employees to be signed, dated, and kept safe. This means that there needs to be a designated space for these documents, and the bigger...


You’ve got the perfect office space fully equipped with the best furniture; don’t let a messy desk ruin your productivity! Studies have shown that individuals will lose about an hour of productivity a day simply from a disorganized desk. There are people out there who are professional organizers who know exactly how to manage desks to raise your productivity levels with simple organization tips. Sumner Furniture offers three easy guidelines to maximize your desk organization!


When focusing on the arrangement of your desk, you have to take in how big it is and how much room you have to work with. To begin, your monitor should be at eye-level about 17 inches from your body. This helps both your posture itself by aligning your spine correctly, as...


In recent years, the concept of “well-being” has become a hot topic, but what exactly is well-being? Topics like yoga and meditation certainly come to mind, but there’s much more to it. Well-being is defined as, “The state of being comfortable, healthy, or happy”. So while participating in things like yoga and meditation can help, there are some practices your business can conduct in the workplace to increase office well-being, and remember – a happy employee is a productive one!

To bring the concept of well-being into the workplace, one great way to start is through the ambiance of your office space. This includes office lighting, layout, variety, and color. Studies have shown that strong lighting options push work productivity up by 23% while being exposed to natural light...


Brace yourself…office chairs are coming! We all can’t sit on the Iron Throne (pretty sure that chair is reserved for certain people). We do however provide plenty of types of chairs in the office to make you feel just as powerful. When working full time, an individual spends 40 hours a week in an office (that’s four whole seasons of Game of Thrones in a week!), and that time can be spent far more productively if you’re comfortable. There are many different types of office chairs to choose from, so we present to you, the sitter, some basic guidelines and office chairs to make sure you choose the best type and variation for your employees!

The Type of Work Defines The Office Chair You Need

First things first, the type of chair you choose should be based on...


Your desk is one of the most important setups in your office. The style of your desk can determine the feel of your place of work, whether you want a room that’s elegant, comfortable, or powerful. From beautiful mahogany table surfaces to even secret cabinet panels, office desks are critical to how you present yourself and how you work. So how do you know which to choose for your job? We’ve selected a few office desks for you to consider when discovering the best fit for your space.

Executive Desks

As an executive of a company, an executive desk provides space, accessibility, and a touch of prestige to any situation. Basic desks are made with affordable efficiency, but executive desks are made from solid wood or steel. With a higher build quality than most...


You can save money by purchasing a more expensive, but good office chair.

That might seem like bad math if you think about it. Buying an item of better quality would cost more in general. That’s normally the case, but other factors play a part when selecting a good office chair.

The Act of Sitting

The average person spends 9.5 to 11 hours a day sitting down. It could be for work, eating, or recreational use like catching up on “The Walking Dead”. If your chairs aren’t providing spinal support, not only will you complain, but that’s also nearly half of every day spent in pain! People become far less productive at work if they’re focused on their back pain and not the job at hand. Should an injury arise, that means filing for workers’...


One of the newest trends in popular office furniture is the standing conference table! It is a tall desk that can be easily adjusted to suit the party’s height, which improves health and focus during any meeting. No more will employees feel the urge to start snoring in the middle of a presentation. No more closing their eyes for “just a second” during an after-lunch business conference. That could result in a very stern talking from their superiors later on.

So how does it help?

Standing for a portion of the workday keeps you awake, active, and reduces the risk of various health concerns. Standing meetings also allow your employees more time in the day to complete their tasks at hand. Research has shown that meetings conducted when employees are standing...


How to Create Your Office Home

For most of us, the office is a second home. Your house is decorated in a comfortable fashion to represent you, so do the same in your office! Ditch the uncomfortable, traditional furniture and make your workspace feel a little more like an office home accordingly.

Find a Theme

When rearranging your office into an office home, start by finding a theme. You know you want the office to feel cozy and personal, so draw inspiration from either your favorite room in your house, your favorite season, or your favorite place to relax. Before you know it you’ll be writing reports by the beach, or signing forms in an office color-coded to feel like fall!

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