A Good Office Chair – The value is more than you can imagine!

You can save money by purchasing a more expensive, but good office chair.

That might seem like bad math if you think about it. Buying an item of better quality would cost more in general. That’s normally the case, but other factors play a part when selecting a good office chair.

The Act of Sitting

The average person spends 9.5 to 11 hours a day sitting down. It could be for work, eating, or recreational use like catching up on “The Walking Dead”. If your chairs aren’t providing spinal support, not only will you complain, but that’s also nearly half of every day spent in pain! People become far less productive at work if they’re focused on their back pain and not the job at hand. Should an injury arise, that means filing for workers’ compensation. You allow time off work to recover, and you’re now one man short at the office.

However, a good office chair nullifies all these problems, and allow you and your employees to remain productive, healthy, and happy at work.

The Value in the Long Run

In terms of ergonomics (the relationship between human capabilities and office demands), we can examine how the value of a good office chair pays for itself! Given these points, let’s say a high-quality office chair costs $500. Most office jobs have a standard 8-hour workday. So by these numbers:

8 hours/day * 5 days/week * 52 weeks/year = 2080 hours a year.

Spread $500 over one year and your chair costs roughly 25 cents an hour or $2 a day. That’s nothing to obtain total comfort during the workday! Furthermore, a well-crafted chair can last significantly longer than one year, which increases its value exponentially! Now, compare that to the alternative. Compare that price to the price of chiropractor visits, therapeutic visits, back braces, back massages, and constant back pain at work in the same allotted time period should you choose not to buy a good office chair. The economic (as well as comfortable) choice should be obvious.

In short, think of it as back insurance, and becomes a cheap office chair through time. It just goes to show you that spending extra upfront on better office equipment can really pay off in the long run, and there’s no better place to sit back and save than with Sumner Furniture! We offer high-quality office furniture for sale that supports your office lifestyle as well as your budget. Our inventory includes desks and tables, in addition to chairs, workstations, standing office equipment, and more! Sumner Furniture can help you find your perfect office chair for a price that won’t break the bank or your back! Contact us and ease into your new life of comfort today!