Standing Conference Table – What are the benefits?

One of the newest trends in popular office furniture is the standing conference table! It is a tall desk that can be easily adjusted to suit the party’s height, which improves health and focus during any meeting. No more will employees feel the urge to start snoring in the middle of a presentation. No more closing their eyes for “just a second” during an after-lunch business conference. That could result in a very stern talking from their superiors later on.

So how does it help?

Standing for a portion of the workday keeps you awake, active, and reduces the risk of various health concerns. Standing meetings also allow your employees more time in the day to complete their tasks at hand. Research has shown that meetings conducted when employees are standing are 34% shorter than the average business meeting! There are a few possible reasons why these meetings feel more productive. Standing helps release endorphins and provides energy, so people develop a shared sense of purpose to get things accomplished. It also makes it more difficult to check your phone or social media during a meeting and eliminates the distraction. Meetings might even be shorter because employees hurry them up so they can go back to sitting down! Whatever the reason, the system works, and saving time on meetings means more time used for work!

Are there any downsides?

Prolonged standing (more than an hour at a time) can hurt concentration during the workday. People need to relax and work, and while standing boosts energy levels it can also become tedious after a while. With the standing conference table, companies can break up the workday with a strong mix of sitting on the job and standing during business meetings! You and your employees will be walking out of conference meetings, feeling great, and ready to get back to work!

The standing conference table has seen huge success in improving office productivity, so why not try it out in your company? Sumner Furniture has standing conference tables in stock that are comfortable, professional, and fit an affordable budget! Next time your employees yawn or trudge back to their desks from a meeting, it might be time to consider a change. We provide new, and used office furniture for any price point and lots of styles. Turn your standing meetings into stand-up meetings, and invest in a standing conference table for your business today!