The Best Storage Options For Your Job Position

All jobs are different when it comes to the amount of paperwork and storage space needed. Some can be done completely electronically and don’t need a single drawer, while others may require an entire wall cabinet just for their internal paperwork. Storage units range from metal to wicker in terms of what they’re made from, and size from being able to fit under a cubicle desk to taking up an entire wall. Here are some tips to take into consideration when thinking about storage units in accordance with common job positions where the amount of paperwork varies.

Human Resources

This field requires any and all information about employees to be signed, dated, and kept safe. This means that there needs to be a designated space for these documents, and the bigger the company, the more space required. In today’s age, everything can be scanned and stored electronically, but it is still wise for human resources to have a physical copy of the information as well. We recommend filing cabinets for these positions so that documents can be labeled and sorted correctly. Since the documents saved by this department contain personal information and are extremely important, using a unit of metal material is best. This helps protect documents from damage as well as keeping a strong unit for frequent use – regular opening and closing of drawers could cause them to wear out and break with other materials. For extra protection, you can even opt for a filing cabinet with a lock on it to protect the documents from ending up in the wrong hands.

Graphic Designer

In today’s day and age of technology, a graphic designer does not necessarily need anything more than a good computer with design software installed. Because of this, they do not need much storage space except for somewhere to place their sketchbook and portfolio/end products. These can be stored in simple file folders that can be placed either above or below a desk. For those who still like to draw their sketches out before transferring them to a computer, a simple three-drawer cabinet would be sufficient. This allows them to store what they need without it being in the way of their computer. Plastic or wooden cabinets are perfect for this position because it can be moved easily, and can be multicolored or painted on for the artist to add their own personal flair to their cabinets.

Luckily with Sumner Furniture, you have a wide variety of options to choose from! So no matter what your position is or how much storage you will need, we have the perfect options for your space and budget! We provide the best insight and office furniture for you to transform your office just the way you want it.