3 Simple Organization Guidelines for Staying Stress-Free

You’ve got the perfect office space fully equipped with the best furniture; don’t let a messy desk ruin your productivity! Studies have shown that individuals will lose about an hour of productivity a day simply from a disorganized desk. There are people out there who are professional organizers who know exactly how to manage desks to raise your productivity levels with simple organization tips. Sumner Furniture offers three easy guidelines to maximize your desk organization!


When focusing on the arrangement of your desk, you have to take in how big it is and how much room you have to work with. To begin, your monitor should be at eye-level about 17 inches from your body. This helps both your posture itself by aligning your spine correctly, as well as making it easier on your eyes without straining them to look too high or low. Experts also say that you should always keep about a paper’s length worth of blank space on your desk near your dominant hand. This helps you to be able to sign any papers brought to you at a moment’s notice with ease without having to spend too much time rearranging.


When it comes to desk organization for office supplies, their position on your desk is extremely important for convenience as well as keeping you balanced during the workday. Frequently used items such as pens and notepads should be kept out on top of the desk while other supplies such as staplers, tape, white-out, etc., should be kept in a drawer to keep out of the way until needed. Try not to spread these supplies out in different drawers; this will just confuse you and waste time looking through three different drawers to find a pair of scissors! Out of all your office supplies and devices, the ones used most often like pens, and your phone should be kept on the side of your dominant hand. This provides you with easy and quick access to them at a short notice.


When decorating your desk and maximizing desk organization, there are some things that should be kept to a minimum, or else they become distractions. This includes the use of sticky notes and even personal items such as family photos or trinkets. Although convenient to keep track of tasks, don’t go overboard with the use of sticky notes. Studies show that when you have a work area crowded with notes, they lose their meaning and do not hold importance or urgency anymore. By creating only a few sticky notes with important short-term reminders, you are helping yourself stay on top of tasks by prioritizing without stressing yourself out. In terms of personal photos and trinkets, it’s best to limit yourself to no more than three items. By having these on your desk, they can give you positive feelings throughout the day, but can also lead to distractions such as bringing home life into the workspace. Experts have concluded that having a lot of items on your desk subconsciously leads your mind to think that there is a lot of work to be done, causing unnecessary stress.

No matter if you have a giant desk or a tiny cubicle, these organization tips can come in handy and save you both time and stress when it comes to your work area! Contact Sumner today to see how our manufacturers and expert designers can help you stay organized and productive at your desk!