Office Well-Being And Its Benefits

In recent years, the concept of “well-being” has become a hot topic, but what exactly is well-being? Topics like yoga and meditation certainly come to mind, but there’s much more to it. Well-being is defined as, “The state of being comfortable, healthy, or happy”. So while participating in things like yoga and meditation can help, there are some practices your business can conduct in the workplace to increase office well-being, and remember – a happy employee is a productive one!

To bring the concept of well-being into the workplace, one great way to start is through the ambiance of your office space. This includes office lighting, layout, variety, and color. Studies have shown that strong lighting options push work productivity up by 23% while being exposed to natural light increases productivity by 18%. Bringing the outdoors into the office also boosts positivity. Natural wood desks create a natural atmosphere – even potted plants help by refreshing the oxygen! When it comes to the color of your workspace, certain colors can promote certain qualities – yellows promote creativity, greens reduce stress and promote calmness, and blues promote focus to the employee. By splashing these colors around the office, your employees will naturally be more creative and productive in the workplace.

Another proven way to increase the office well-being of employees has been physical activity. Getting employees moving can be difficult if they don’t have the motivation for it. Some offices have started gym memberships and rewards for their employees. Creating a movement to enhance office well-being can be created right within the office, too! By having cabinets and telephones strategically placed further away from desks, employees are encouraged to get up and move to get them. This gets their blood flowing again after sitting all day and can even create interactions among other employees, which can boost their well-being. This can range anywhere from encouraging a fitness program among colleagues to standing desks. You can put work phones farther away from their workstations to introduce movement into their daily routine, even if it’s only to take a call!

Try including any of these tips in your business, and watch your employee satisfaction level – as well as their productivity – soar!