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Tips to Reduce Burnout Through Office Furniture and Design

Burnout is endemic in the modern workplace. Workers are reporting burnout by the thousands, and it’s starting to take a toll on businesses across the country. Aside from the usual factors associated with burnout (low pay, high stress, demanding work that cuts into personal time), there’s another hidden factor at play: office furniture and design.

Yes, the proper atmosphere is a major contributing factor to employee retention and burnout. The experts and Sumner Furniture in Virginia have worked with thousands of businesses to set up an encouraging, positive office design. Here’s what we’ve learned.

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Allow Personalized Space

Don’t force your employees to stare at boring, slate-gray walls. Give them the opportunity to bring personal effects into the office, such as pictures, plants, flags, and more. It’ll make your office space feel a little homier and cozier, and can take some of the blandness out of ordinary office spaces.


Create Common Areas

Common areas allow your employees to collaborate and socialize somewhere that isn’t their workstation. Socializing and collaboration can drastically improve an employee's happiness and job satisfaction, and it doesn’t cost much more to you than opening up a space for your employees to chat.

Modern office space

Decorate, Decorate, Decorate

Nothing kills enthusiasm and productivity faster than an uninspiring, boring, and bland office environment. One of the best ways to decorate your office and inspire your employees? Decorate with new furniture from Sumner Furniture.

Desk with wooden furniture

Create Multiple Workstations

Employees shouldn’t be shackled to a single desk or cubicle. Rather, we encourage you to create multiple workstations for employees, whether that’s an open floor plan, or simply including new “hot” desks that employees can use at-will.

Don’t let employee burnout compromise your employee’s happiness and your businesses’ success. New furniture, amenities, and an office layout designed by the pros at Sumner Furniture are the keys to curbing burnout!