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Creating Office Spaces for Hybrid Workers

As hybrid work becomes the new norm, creating effective office spaces in the workplace for those workers to use is essential.

At Sumner Furniture & Design in the DMV, if there's one thing we know, it's office furniture. We have designed and sold office furniture for decades, giving us the expertise to guide you in creating an effective office space for hybrid workers. Learn more about how to create multipurpose, multifunctional workspaces and contact our office furniture store today to get a quote!


Block Off a Dedicated Workspace

If your business has hybrid workers, it's important to carve out a dedicated workspace for those workers to be when they're in the office. This goes beyond just a desk and an office chair. Consider what type of furniture will work best for the job — office tables, filing cabinets, storage solutions, meeting spaces, and more!


Create a Mix of Collaborative and Private Spaces

Consider creating a collaborative area where employees can meet and share ideas when they’re together in the office. Then, on the flip side, if you have workers accustomed to working from home, give them private spaces where they can go if they need some time for deep work or if they need a bit of privacy.


Update Your Technology

Technology is the backbone of remote and hybrid work, so it’s important to make sure that your office space is well equipped with all the technology needed to keep workers connected. This could mean installing additional monitors, investing in video conferencing systems, ensuring you have enough workstations for hybrid and in-person employees, and investing in other digital collaboration tools.


Design Around Multipurpose Needs

Unlike traditional workspaces, offices for hybrid workers need to be designed with utility in mind. Think about how people can use the space for different activities. For example, a conference room could also be used for webinars or virtual classrooms.

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