Coming This Sumner…

Brace yourself…office chairs are coming! We all can’t sit on the Iron Throne (pretty sure that chair is reserved for certain people). We do however provide plenty of types of chairs in the office to make you feel just as powerful. When working full time, an individual spends 40 hours a week in an office (that’s four whole seasons of Game of Thrones in a week!), and that time can be spent far more productively if you’re comfortable. There are many different types of office chairs to choose from, so we present to you, the sitter, some basic guidelines and office chairs to make sure you choose the best type and variation for your employees!

The Type of Work Defines The Office Chair You Need

First things first, the type of chair you choose should be based on what your business does and how your employees work. If your employees spend a majority of their workday sitting down, they should have a chair that is thickly padded and durable for everyday use. But if your employees are only in the office a couple of hours a week and are constantly moving, their chairs don’t need to be as luxurious. Your chairs should be able to provide support to your employees with features such as height levelers, adjustable seats and backs, and lumbar support.

A majority of offices where individuals are seated for a long time take advantage of the mesh seating material. They are comprised of thickly padded cushions and a net-like fabric that allows for ventilation throughout the day. This kind of seating is perfect for employees who spend the majority of their time at their desks.

Some jobs require employees to spend all day at a desk. They need more comfortable seating options. The ergonomic chair boasts a modern look with constant back support! This helps you feel at ease and productive all day long. No back pains; no problem.

For individuals in higher positions at a company, executive office chairs offer prestige and luxury. This is enhanced through their padded back, cushy armrests, tall structure, and are usually tailored with high-end fabric or leather.

Select the best office chairs with Sumner Furniture!

There are nine main types of seating material: bonded leather, fabric, leather, mesh, microfiber, plastic, polymer, vinyl, and wood. Sumner Furniture can supply whatever option your office desires! Whatever you need, we provide the best chairs for your business, fit for an office king.